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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics attracted the eyes of the world, its ratings have reached record highs. In the U.S., created the non-US opening ceremony of the Olympics most watched record; ratings in Japan far more than the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games; in Western European countries, the ratings are high than expected. Before the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Western media issued a number of critical voices, but the shows ratings national audience perspective.

According to the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" reported that the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, the average rating was 37.7%, the instantaneous rate of about 48% of the audience, since the 90s of last century the highest ratings ever. Japanese television programs in the ratings to more than 30% of it is rare. All television the previous week, the highest ratings

TV It reached 24.6%. 8 live broadcast, the Japanese NKK television commentator repeatedly Wow, live after the station again in the next news programs repeatedly broadcast the opening clip, the other stations too.

European television ratings, according to analysts MEDIAMETRIE statistics, the Western European countries the ratings are up about 20%. This was slightly lower than the 2004 Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony, but far more than the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. The agencies believe that, as the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Athens, but almost no time difference all over Europe watching has attracted the concern of many Europeans is understandable, the success of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics "spectacular."

According to broadcast the opening ceremony of a German television statistics, watch the opening ceremony of the German audience of 772 million people, the instantaneous value of 910 million people. TV Media Research measures a 11 Yigehate President of "Global Times" reporter, said that the ratings they were "very satisfied." According to her, the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, only 3.93 million Germans watched. Statistics also show that when the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, who was driving a television, with 52.3% of viewers watching the opening ceremony, but four years ago, only 46.09% of people in the Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony.

France has nearly 500 million people watched the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, viewing rate of 20%. This number can be prime time in France comparable to the best ratings. Many netizens praised Channel Two television website opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics the charm, as well as friends laughed to boycott the Beijing Olympics, "Reporters Without Borders" who did not failed to match.

In Australia, according to television broadcast the opening ceremony of the seven sets of Statistics, 8, watch the opening night of the country are 432.6 million people, although not as good as the Australian city of Sydney in the opening ceremony of the crowd, but far higher than the current Olympic Games in Athens when 303.9 million people. Australia Fox Group statistics the number of viewers watching the Beijing Olympics even higher, reaching 599.2 million.

Although the U.S. did not live the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, TV recording and broadcasting has ten hours late, but still hit a magical ratings success. Nielsen Media Research, according to statistics, recording and broadcasting of programs to attract the nation's 34.2 million viewers, more than the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games opening ceremony of 27.3 million, second only to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games record of 39.77 million the opening ceremony of the highest on record, more than 4 years ago, the opening ceremony of the Athens 2500 Olympic Games in more than one million viewers increased 35%. Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony U.S. rate of 18.6% rating, the highest non-US opening ceremony of the Olympics most watched record, breaking the opening ceremony of the 1960 Rome Olympics viewership record of 18.1%, when the first large-scale television broadcast in the United States Summer Olympics . National Broadcasting Company (NBC) web site on the 8th Olympic Games reached a record flow of 7,000 million people, is 10 times the Athens Olympics. Department of Chairman of NBC Sports and Olympics Dick - Aibo Suo would describe it as "a magical and memorable spectacle."

In Canada, CBC whole to live independently, with three channels, cyclic broadcast no fewer than five times. Some live in Seattle can not see the audience and even went to Canada watch. Although the survey data has not been announced, but the Canadian "Globe and Mail" bluntly "satisfactory ratings in Canada." Newspaper reporter stationed in South Korea said that although not yet seen the exact figures, but some very high ratings, "more than the Korean high." Egypt's three national television broadcast live the grand opening of the Beijing Olympics, viewers watched 3 times more than usual. Al Jazeera has broadcast two sports; Dubai Sports Channel 3 television stations, two of the live broadcast, a live video broadcast is timely. It is understood that the viewing conditions of these units, "Very good", in which Qatar's first set of Sports called rating was 92%. Local people told reporters that the opening of the ratings certainly higher.
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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony In Athens Over The Country Catch Up With The Ratings In Sydney -

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